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The Flathead Lake Biological Station (FLBS) is a University of Montana Center of Excellence that conducts ecological research with an emphasis on fresh water, particularly Flathead Lake and its watershed. The Bio Station offers summer field ecology courses for students from across the nation, and trains graduate students year-round. FLBS also provides scientific data and interpretation to help resolve environmental challenges and inform public policy. Founded in 1899, FLBS is one of the oldest active biological field research stations in the United States. Located on the East Shore of Flathead Lake at Yellow Bay, facilities include laboratories, classrooms, boats, dining hall, and housing for nearly 100 people. Facilities are available for educational conferences, seminars, courses and professional meetings.
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Public schools K-8 in Lakeside and Somers.

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YWAM is a missionary organization equipping Christians for roles of leadership and service throughout the world.
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