PO Box 177, Lakeside, MT 59922

Property Maintenance/Security/Landscaping

Kim Martini

Provides concierge services as well as essential cleaning packages for projects such as new and existing homes, construction, remodels, VRBO and AIRBNB. Let us take care of those daily, weekly, monthly rentals.
7151 US Hwy 93 S | Lakeside, MT 59922
PO Box 734 | Lakeside, MT 59922
Eric DePew

Offering weekly home monitoring and lawn care services to the absentee homeowner. We work directly with many local companies to make sure your property is maintained properly. Prompt, reliable, customized service, licensed and insured.
(406) 261-9296
PO Box 1145 | Lakeside, MT 59922
Ridgeline Lawn, Garden and Property Maintenance, LLC
Willie Lever

Offering premium outdoor property maintenance services to include care of lawns, trees, shrubs, and garden beds. We specialize in pruning, irrigation maintenance, weed and pest control, fertilization, and annual flower installation. We use only the highest quality professional equipment and commercial grade products, giving us the finest possible results for your property. Fully licensed and insured.
(406) 250-3666
PO Box | Bigfork, MT 59911
Ry & Serena Keller

Home watching and repair for the absentee home owner. Everything you need for peace of mind, we customize to your needs. Everything a homeowner could ask for including: weekly house checks, winterizing, cleaning, lawn care, 24/7 emergency service, snowplowing, snow removal, airport car shuttle, all home repairs, insurance claim restoration, property management, home monitoring, security, remote environmental monitoring, owner rent services, window cleaning, web car installs. We take care of your prized investment. Now offering vacation and long term rentals in Lakeside.
(406) 837-6679 or (406) 250-2160
(406) 837-0552
8000 MT Hwy 35, Suite 1
Bigfork, MT 59911